Grass Nurseries

Grass Nurseries
When it comes to beautifying any outdoor space, it’s important to buy from suppliers that are just as passionate about gardening as you are. That’s why Eversley Nursery has become a familiar name in the Lancashire area and one that is synonymous with quality, choice, and style!
Just as you would when buying other plants, it’s crucial to research the best grass nurseries for your ornamental grass needs. After all; the last thing you want to do is end up buying grasses that won’t survive for long in your garden!
Eversley Nursery is one of Lancashire and the UK’s leading grass nurseries. We are experts at what we do, and the fact that we have thousands of satisfied customers only backs up that fact. We stock more than 130 different varieties of ornamental grasses, plus we sell other plants and gardening accessories too. In short, we are your one-stop-shop for all your grass needs.
Why good grass nurseries such as Eversley Nursery are hard to find
You may think that there is plenty of choice for gardeners in the UK to buy ornamental grasses and other decorative features for their gardens. And while that is true, it’s often a challenge to locate suppliers who offer high-quality products that are also excellent value for money.
When we initially set up Eversley Nursery, our goal was to provide keen gardeners everywhere a delightful selection of ornamental grasses. We set out to prove that it IS possible to beautify any outdoor space and add wonderful accompaniments to existing garden features.
What makes Eversley Nursery one of the best grass nurseries in Lancashire is down to the fact that we know what we’re doing! With plenty of years of experience, Eversley Nursery is more than just a place to buy ornamental grasses. We offer a wealth of advice to both new and seasoned gardeners and landscaping professionals, helping people to find the right plants for their needs.
We enjoy building relationships with our customers, and we take the time to learn more about their gardening projects and aspirations. Doing so enables us to offer the perfect plants for any outdoor space.
Our ornamental grasses are award winners
Eversley Nursery is proud of the fact that our ornamental grasses are award-winning items. We often take part in events such as the Harrogate Autumn Show, and we’ve even been featured on BBC Gardeners World!
Our Lancashire-grown ornamental grasses often attract gold medals at the shows that we attend, and that’s a testament to the passion and skill we put in our work.
Scores of ornamental grasses and accessories on offer
Over the years we have managed to expand our range of ornamental grasses. Today, we offer in excess of 130 different varieties, plus a selection of planters that can get used in gardens of all shapes and sizes.
All our products are available to order online through the secure checkout system on our website, and orders can be paid via debit or credit card. We offer other flexible payment options, such as card payments over the phone, and we also accept PayPal too. It’s also possible to place orders via email.
With a flat fee of just £8.00 per order, we can deliver any quantity of ornamental grasses and planters to your location. View our online catalogue today to place an order, or contact us if you wish to arrange an appointment to visit our grass nursery in person.

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